Facing my Anxiety and Depression Head On

Hi guys, Laura here. 🙂 As some of you may know I suffer from anxiety and depression. For years I have sheltered myself from the outside world, being scared of little things an average person shouldn’t be scared of. Things like taking the bus, talking to my own family, going out in general, answering the phone. I haven’t overcome these fears yet but I feel I have come a long way. Continue reading “Facing my Anxiety and Depression Head On”

Drone Flying Tips for Beginners

drone flying for beginners

This blog post ‘Drone flying tips for Beginners’ includes affiliate links 🙂

Hi guys! Ben here. So as some of you may know, Laura and I bought a drone! YES!

It’s the DJI Phantom 3 Standard. We didn’t want to spend too much money but we wanted a good quality drone. That is exactly what we got, we are so impressed with this drone. We actually filmed a video to show you guys 🙂 I’ll post it at the end of this blog post. Continue reading “Drone Flying Tips for Beginners”

Our Adventures in Alvor, Portugal

Hi guys! Ben here! (the better half of this blog 😉 )

As you probably don’t know, Laura recently turned 21! (all downhill from there).

For her birthday her parents decided to take 7 of us to their villa in Alvor, Portugal. So, we thought in our divine wisdom once we came home we’d write a little about our adventures out there!

First things first…. Ryanair. Don’t do it to yourself. If you’re of average height, you my friend, are in for a bad time. I cannot talk for you guys here, and this is a little off topic, BUT! When I have a cold, I will genuinely reminisce about times gone by when I took for granted being able to breath through my nose. Similarly, when I was sat there in my Ryanair seat I, of extremely average height, reminded myself of past times (The good old days if you will) when my knees were not wedged against the seat in front of me. Luckily, Portugal is but two hours away… ish. Continue reading “Our Adventures in Alvor, Portugal”

Hello world!

Hello travellers! Laura here! Welcome to Ben & Laura Travel Diaries. Join me and Ben on our adventures around Dorset. Where will we pop up next?! 🙂