Our Adventures in Alvor, Portugal

Hi guys! Ben here! (the better half of this blog 😉 )

As you probably don’t know, Laura recently turned 21! (all downhill from there).

For her birthday her parents decided to take 7 of us to their villa in Alvor, Portugal. So, we thought in our divine wisdom once we came home we’d write a little about our adventures out there!

First things first…. Ryanair. Don’t do it to yourself. If you’re of average height, you my friend, are in for a bad time. I cannot talk for you guys here, and this is a little off topic, BUT! When I have a cold, I will genuinely reminisce about times gone by when I took for granted being able to breath through my nose. Similarly, when I was sat there in my Ryanair seat I, of extremely average height, reminded myself of past times (The good old days if you will) when my knees were not wedged against the seat in front of me. Luckily, Portugal is but two hours away… ish.Now! Moan over. On to lovely Alvor. THERE WAS IRISH EVERYWHERE! I mean everywhere, I’m talking Irish bars, Irish Cafe’s and shops. Everywhere! And jheeeeze do they pick well! Great food, bars, shops that sell strange cork clothing (no seriously) and all among a picturesque marina and streets.

Hexagone. Burn that name into your memory. We ate here and it ruined my life, purely because it was so damn delicious, everything before and after (Apart from Rick Steins restaurant in sandbanks) tastes like foot now. Not only is the food delectable and the cocktails to die for. THEY GIVE YOU FREE FOOD! In-between your own food you’ve ordered! Small plates of yum. Apparently these are called amuse bouche and pallet cleansers. I was personally unaware my pallet was dirty mind you. But either way they were great!

As tantalising as the food was in this fish loving nation, this was not the thing that stood out for me in my time there. One evening after an average meal out, we (me, Laura, her brother and her mother) were walking back to our van to drive home. Her brother, unlocked the car and Laura started to climb in. Then quickly proceeded to reverse back out of door. In my head, I was thinking “Cue OTT reaction, due to small insect inside van” But oooooooh how I was wrong. I took a look and there in the driver seat was some geezer sat passed out, seat belt on, radio on and mouth agape. He’d somehow got in the van after consuming, both immeasurable and magnificent amounts of alcohol, then decided to have himself a little sleep in the drivers seat of our van! Luckily, after many slaps and a lot of shouting we woke the man wearing his Nottingham Forrest t shirt. The first thing he said was ” Don’t worry I’m not driving” Well yeah! We have the bloody keys! After equal parts realisation and apologies, he began to walk (Stumble) down the road. We then realised he’d left his front door keys, so I was nominated to chase him down and return them. After a quick hand over he then asked for a lift home! The cheek! I pointed him to the nearest taxi and that was the end of our strange evening and our week in Portugal.

If your still reading this, watch the video below from our trip and my random walk, in which I got lost and had to hitch hike back ten miles back to town.