Facing my Anxiety and Depression Head On

Hi guys, Laura here. 🙂 As some of you may know I suffer from anxiety and depression. For years I have sheltered myself from the outside world, being scared of little things an average person shouldn’t be scared of. Things like taking the bus, talking to my own family, going out in general, answering the phone. I haven’t overcome these fears yet but I feel I have come a long way.

Why I am Writing This Post

I am writing this post to inspire people with similar fears or to educate people who do not suffer.

I recently had an epiphany, life is short. I’m only 21 but before I know it I will have wasted my life by being scared of it! So I decided I’m going to go out there and experience as much of the world as I can!

How I am Going to Do This

Just do it. That is basically it. Step by step I will be checking off my list of fears. Obviously now I can take the bus, answer the phone, and I’m just generally more confident. I still struggle socialising with people but I have social anxiety so I don’t think that will go away any time soon. My anxiety has gotten better though, since getting a full time job in an office where I am answering the phone all day and meeting new people. I have definitely gotten used to interacting with different types of people.

The first thing I did, after having this epiphany, was go and buy a longboard (completely out of my comfort zone). It took me ages to actually ride it properly – with 2 feet on the board! I was so close to giving up but I was sick of doing that so I just went for it! See video below 🙂 I wouldn’t say I’m a pro yet but getting there! This may seem like not a big deal but for me it was.

I am so bored of doing the same thing everyday, I want to go out there and learn about different cultures and people. I am not going to work myself to death and regret not doing this. We only get one life!!

The world is too beautiful to not go and experience. I intend to see all I can. The only thing stopping me is lack of money. So for now, the world will have to wait a little longer but I will be there soon.

Thank you guys for reading this post and I hope it inspired you to go out into the world and experience all you can!

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